Rescue Dog Thriving in New Home After Losing His Nose in Machete Attack: ‘He’s a True Survivor’

Seven year old Wacku spent five years living in a shelter in the Phillippines after one horrific incident in 2012 that left him brutally maimed. The loyal pup was guarding his owner’s tricycle when a drunk man with a machete walked up to him and sliced off a big part of his snout. How can someone be able to do something so barbaric to an animal?!

Following the incident, Wacku’s owner rushed the dog to a veterinary teaching hospital at the University of Eastern Philippines. Wacku survived his injuries, even though he lost a lot of blood before arriving at the school.

Still in need of special care, Wacku was later taken to the Phillippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). The act of cruelty the dog endured got the attention of PAWS’ executive director, Anna Cabrera, who saw the friendly dog as the ideal mascot for PAWS’ work to amend the Philippine Animal Welfare Act of 1998. Cabrera took Wacku directly to the politicians who had the power to make a difference and a hearing at the House of Representatives. 

Wacku’s mutilated face and his heartbreaking story got the reaction PAWS hoped for. The Philippine government amended the country’s Animal Welfare Act in October of 2013, increasing fines and jail time for animal abusers. Wacku spent five years with PAWS, helping the Philippines’ neglected and abused animals get justice, but unable to find a forever home for himself.

Liesl Wilhardt, the director of a non-profit organisation called “Luvable Dog Rescue”, learned about Wacku and his struggles, both with his injuries and finding an adoptive family. And since she had already rescued another lovable pitbull-corgi mix called Picasso, who had facial deformity, without hesitation she decided to adopt little Wacku.Wacku and Picasso became best friends very quickly and love to play with each other.

“When Wacku arrived, he was cautious but curious about everything. I’m sure it was a huge transition for him in every imaginable way. A different climate, different people, different natural environment, different language, different animals around him … but he is also incredibly smart,” she added. “He figured out quickly that life was pretty good here! Different but good!”

“I love Wacku so much! I admire his courage and resilience. Despite what happened to him, he loves and trusts people and has found joy in living. I am amazed at his ability to forgive. He’s a true survivor,” Wilhardt said.

Liesl is so proud of Wacku’s achievements despite the hard life he had and wants to share with the world his amazing spirit-and those of her other rescue pups.




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