Dog Watches His Family Get Crushed Under Landslide, Goes Into Heavy Depression

The entire Nemakkadu Estate was reduced to shreds when a massive landslide hit the Idukki district in Kerala, India. At least 63 people lost their lives in this catastrophe, while rescue officers spent weeks looking for survivors in the rubble. But when the officers spotted a scared dog, Kuvi, waiting on a pile of debris, they knew something was off.

He belonged to a local family, and he one way or the other had the haunting awareness that some thing horrible had came about to his humans. When the rescue crew in the end started out pulling out his family’s our bodies from the particlesone via one, the canine broke down helplessly.

However, Kuvi somehow seemed dissatisfied with the crew’s work. Soon, he started barking sharply while racing along the nearby river. The officers chased the dog for almost 3 miles, till he halted by a tree beside a bridge. It was a devastating moment for everyone as the officers dug out the body of the family’s 2-year-old daughter, Dhanushka (or Dhanu), from underneath the tree.

Dhanu was Kuvi’s best friend and playmate. Overwhelmed with grief, the poor dog shut himself down the moment she saw Dhanu’s lifeless body. He was so depressed that he refused to eat for days. It was also found that apart from an elderly grandma, the whole family had perished in the landslide. Kuvi future looked bleak as an orphaned and homeless dog.

He wants to train Kuvi as a search canine for the neighborhood squad in the future. We wish little Kuvi best of luck and hope that his pain will soon be completely over.

Watch the video below:

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