Hulk The Biggest Pittie Is Also The Sweetest Giant You Would Ever See

Pit Bull is often said as the scariest dog on Earth, but actually they could be just as sweet as a little girl if you’re nice enough and guide and train them well. Don’t let the breed fool you.

Meet “Hulk” the pet and Dark Dynasty K9  stud dog of Marlon and Lisa Grennan a couple living in the State of New Hampshire, USA. Hulk is the Largest Pitbull in the world is given the training to be a protection dog. Even even though his look can scare human beings out of their wits, Hulk is surely a love worm who honestly enjoys lengthy cuddle periods with his human friends. 

“The strength of this canine is unrivaled,” Marlon said. “If he bit down on the arms of someone with full strength it would snap like a toothpick. But he doesn’t have that variety of mentality. These puppies are very balanced and mild – they are nanny dogs.” Both Marlon and Lisa love Hulk a lot. No matter what, Hulk in an irreplacable member of their family. Marlon has even mentioned that he got numerous offers from individuals who wanted to buy his “boy”. But Marlon had strictly turned down every offer.

“In no way I would think about promoting Hulk,” he said. “I’ve been supplied $200,000, $250,000, $500,000. You should throw ten million in the front of me and I’d throw it properlower back at you. The canine is priceless, period.”

“I don’t assume it’s irresponsible for humans to have pit bulls and children,” stated Marlon. “They’re puppies simply like any different dog. No remember what the breed it is, it is hundred per cent how you elevate them.”

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