Dog Left Heartbroken After Reuniting With Owner Who Didn’t Want Him Anymore

This is the rescue of a scared and homeless dog who was also heartbroken and sad – he had living on the cold streets all by himself. This old canine was found by Howl Of A Dog rescuers, roaming near a railroad station.

They didn’t want to attempt the rescue near the station and risk him running across a passing train, so they followed him and tried to redirect him somewhere safer. The rescuers also noticed a scar near his left eye, possibly due to a physical injury inflicted on him in the past.

He was very cooperative and even allowed rescuers to put a leash on him. From there, they brought him to the veterinary clinic to be examined and given proper medical care.

While at the vet, they scanned him for a microchip; much to their surprise, he had one! They contacted his owner and found out that the dog, named Bobi, had run away from home, nearly ten miles from where he was found. Sadly, his owner did not want him back and asked rescuers if they could take him.

Bobi is a 9-year-old medium sized dog which weighs approximately 18 kg / 39 lbs. He is also fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. Due to the old scar located near his left eye, his previous injury has caused him to be blind in one eye. However, he has no problems seeing things with his right. Despite his past, he remains a very gentle, loving and obedient dog who is still as playful and curious as ever – akin to how a puppy would be.

Watch the lovely video below:




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