No-One Wanted Pit Bull Pair, They Clung Together For Comfort In Loud Shelter

When Jukebox and Agatha came into the shelter, it was pretty obvious that these two were sharing a special bond together. Even though their beds were away from one another, they insisted on being glued to each other. Their bodies were constantly entwined. This was no ordinary friendship and the shelter volunteers knew that and were worried.

Shelters know the sad reality. Any dog finding a forever home is a miracle. But finding a home willing to take two full-grown Pit Bulls, would be nearly impossible. The breed is stigmatized no matter how hard advocates fight to change that. This would be a battle but no one was giving up.

Jukebox and Agatha stayed in the shelter for some while. Regardless the fact that the shelter would post pleas in their social media about the two dogs, Jukebox and Agatha had to wait. At the very end they had each other but unfortunately dogs dont belong to the shelters. This is not a good enviroment for them because its loud and cold.

Then, finally, Erin and Ubaldo came to meet the pair. Instantly they could see that these dogs could not be separated. The potential adopters thankfully had room in their home for the duo. Meeting them in person sealed the new family’s fate. Erin and Ubaldo could see that Jukebox and Agatha were gentle, sweet dogs. They just needed a forever home so they could truly blossom.

When the whole paperwork was finished, Agatha and Jukebox was taken straight away to their loving home. The dogs explored the new home. And their tail wags never stopped. They understood instantly that this is their new home. Dogs just get it!

As the pair settled in, Mom and Dad could truly see that the dogs were so grateful to have a family. Erin and Udaldo knew that they did the right thing keeping them together, especially when they still insisted on sleeping in the same bed.

Their new Dad gets teary-eyed when he describes how loving Agatha is. It’s almost like she’s constantly thanking him for giving them this amazing new life. And even though the pair is settled in and both know they are safe, they still can’t help but reach out to make sure the other one is there.

Sadly we all know how hard it is for Pit bull shelter dogs to get adopt it. However it is a blessing that this shelter never gave up on them, took really good care of them and kept on searching the ideal home for Jukebox and Agatha!

Last but not least we are greatful for people like Erin and Ubaldo, who saved their lives and gave them a chance, a chance that they truly deserve.




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