Pit Bull From Kill-Shelter Senses Boy Is Sick & Goes Straight For Him !

He just couldn’t stay away from the boy and all the parents held their breath.

All dogs are special. We are so blessed to have them in our lives. Sometimes, however, a dog comes where their innate senses surpass the average dog. This story is about one special puppy named Aladdin. Aladdin is a Pit Bull with a sad past. He was greatly neglected. When he was placed in a kill shelter, he starved. He had serious orthopedic problems and was missing 12 teeth.

Cute Pit Bull can’t bend his hind legs. He sits, lies down and walks in a unique way to make up for his problems. Luckily, his future mom, Michele, saw him in a killing shelter and it was love at first sight! She explains in the video below, that despite everything he went through and the obvious discomfort, he waved his tail as soon as they looked at each other!

Within a year of adopting Aladdin, he became a certified therapy dog. This was because Aladdin could connect with people in a special way. He especially loves children. The room may be crowded with people, but Aladdin will somehow make his way to the person who needs his attention the most. No one can explain it with certainty, but he just seems to feel their emotional pain. Maybe it’s because of his past. Maybe it’s because he himself still hurts from deformed legs.

Aladdin was at the scene after the shooting at the Orlando nightclub. He made his way through the crowd and went straight to the man. The crowd was huge and no one knew for sure who was in the club or standing nearby for support. But Aladdin did it! He made a line for one man who said, “This dog looked at me and he knew I needed him.” Turns out he was at the club and Aladdin knew this kind man had to feel safe. It was such a touching moment.

This amazing pup doesn’t just help people, he also comforts dogs that have suffered from animal abuse and trauma. But despite all Aladdin does for dogs and people, he still has to deal with the breed stereotype. His mom knows firsthand how tough it can be. Kids will flock over to pet Aladdin but as soon as some of the parents ask what type of dog he is and hear he’s a Pit Bull, they’ll pull their kids away from him. Aladdin’s mom Michele is doing all she can to change that! Even if she has to dress him up to make him more approachable, she has a fun time doing it!

Aladdin is also an award winner. He is the winner of the ‘Therapy Dog of the Year’ of the American Humane Association. This was a turning point for Aladdin. The gentleman who was in the audience at the dinner ceremony approached Michele and said he would perform the operation on Aladdin for free. The vet knew he could alleviate most of his orthopedic pain. How amazing is that ?!

Aladdin’s story continues and we promise it only gets better. We are blown away by this dog and his incredible connection to people and other pups who need him most. Don’t cheat yourself by missing out on the video below. It’s truly inspiring. We hope Pit Bulls like Aladdin receive fair recognition.

Every dog is special and should never be judged as a whole according to the stereotype of the breed!




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