Couple visits shelter to donate supplies and end up adopting sweet, 17-year-old senior dog

A compassionate young couple who also happens to be huge dog lovers visited the local animal shelter almost four years ago in December.  The pair didn’t plan to adopt decided to adopt. Instead, they wanted to donate supplies to a local animal shelter during the holiday season.

When Beth and Michael visited Anne Arundale County Animal Control, they met Rocky, a senior dog who was already 17 years old. He’s been resident at the shelter for 3 years. Unfortunately, he was forced to spend his final days in a crowded kennel.

Fortunately, Rocky’s life was about to change. When the couple saw Rocky, they immediately bonded with him and couldn’t resist his adorable face. When they arrived at the shelter to donate some stuff, Beth saw his cute old face and couldn’t stop thinking about him.

“We had been there to donate all types of stuff that I rounded up with my navy neighborhoodand I noticed rocky stroll in and I couldn’t end questioning about that cute historical face. Next factor I be aware of I’m taking walks out with Rocky!” Beth excitedly exclaimed in an interview with Bored Panda. The adoring couple added their new furbaby domestic simply before Christmas, which gave them masses of time to make positive that Rocky’s first Christmas with his continuouslyhousehold used to be the first-rate one ever.

After Beth adopted Rocky, she loved him so much and decided to express her feelings in a letter. She noted that he’s a blessing in her life and made him a promise that she will be there for him until his very last breath. She even shared the letter on Facebook and touched many hearts!

Beth shared the heartwarming letter she sent to Anne Arundel County Animal Shelter on their Facebook page:

“I took you on understanding we had been going to have to take greater care of you. Knowing that one day you weren’t going to make it outdoor in time to use the restroom and I would have to easy it up, I knew one day I used to be going to have to lift you up the stairs when you no longer have the electricity to do it. I knew you have been going to finally lose your listening to and eyesight and we have been going to have to spend greater cash to make the residencesafer for you. I knew one day I am going to have to say goodbye to you. But till then you are the fantastic present I have ever gotten and I’m surely unhappy I couldn’t supply you the first-class17 years you deserved however I promise you’ll have a high-quality lifestyles from now to the day I have to say goodbye!”

It took no time for Rocky to get used to his new family, his actually enjoying it more than ever! The couple also welcomed a new family member, their baby. Rocky can’t stop showing his excientment and joy!

We wish them all, the best!

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