Lost Dog Caught On Trail Camera Spending A Couple Days With Her ‘Buck Boyfriend” In The Woods

Rachel Howatt’s used to go for running into the woods with her dog. One day while being in the woods, her husky named Koda got lost. Rachel couldn’t believe that this happened. She spent hours and hours looking for her beloved dog but he was nowhere to be seen.

After some days Koda showed up in front of her door:

“We definitely searched for her, but in the end she just came back,” Howatt told The Dodo. “She is really smart, so I didn’t doubt she could find her way home.”

The dog was safe and wasn’t hurted, however Rachel wanted to know what was going on so she asked her neighbours, who she knew they had a trail camera in the woods, to see if they could spot Koda.

Turns out that she wasn’t alone…

She was best buddies with a male deer. The two can be seen napping and cuddling together like the best of friends. You can see in the trail camera photos that the buck doesn’t seem to be bothered at all by the dog.

“It was quite something,” Howatt said. “Based on the time they spent on frame, it looked like they spent over 12 hours together. There’s also another photo where there are two bucks in the picture with her.”

Rachel said that she will make sure that Koda doesn’t wander off for some days, as she believed that she will go back to her buck boyfriend and Rachel will have to search for her again and get worried.

“Huskies have such a free spirit,” Howatt said. “It doesn’t surprise me at all that Koda was trying to make a new friend.”




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