Dog Traveled Halfway Across The World To Reunite With The Soldier Who Adopted Him!

Unfortunately life isn’t all about beautiful and happy stuff, there are also bad – sad things going on. For most soldiers these hard moments are when facing the tough reality in battlefields, being far away from home and their beloved people. But thankfully, these soldiers in Iraq already had a great companion to brighten up their tough days: a stray dog named Ollie.

Some soldiers spotted the stray dog wandering around searching for food, that’s when they decided to take him with them and protect him. Everyone loved Olie, however Ken Wyrsch fell a special connection with the dog. They were both inseparable, except the hours that Ken was on duty.

That’s why when their mission was about to end and they prepared to get back home, Ken was not happy as he should be. His burden was removed, but it also meant he had to leave his friend behind, which he clearly did not have the heart to do. Ollie was his friend, his family, an irreplaceable part of his life. They needed to be together, ánd there’s no way he could ever let the dog fend for himself hopelessly ever again.

Meanwhile Ken decided to turn to the SPCA International to assist him with Olie. Without hesitation they agreed! The heart-warming friendship of Ken and Ollie had moved many people and thanks to their generous donations, Ollie was able to get on the road shortly after Ken left.

His journey from Iraq to USA lasted almost a month, it was long yet very exciting. Olie was taken to California at Ken’s house, their reunion was the most heart warming thing you can see.

Olie and Ken have each other now and won’t seperate again!




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