Homeless puppy is freezing in the night, but he finds warmth and shelter in nativity scene

This stray puppy knew exactly where to go when he wanted a cozy spot to sleep.
The holiday season is almost approaching. Lanterns and lights are everywhere throughout the streets. Christmas trees filled with ornaments and trinkets, as well as festive decorations in red and green, are displayed in homes. The list of this year’s good and bad kids is being reviewed by Santa Claus and his helpers. However, the nativity scene, or the Belen, is the highlight of Christmas for our Catholic brothers and sisters.

Belen is the Spanish word for Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus.

Every Christmas, you will hear a lot about the Belen, which is another name for the nativity scene and also refers to Jesus’ cot or manger. Huge nativity scenes are erected around Spain throughout the holiday season, with the majority of them being in the city’s downtown and other key areas.

But in a video posted to YouTube, a dog sort of shadowed the baby Jesus.

A stray German Shepherd puppy was taken in by one of the local public nativity scenes in Brazil back in 2008. Similar to how Joseph and Mary searched to locate a safe haven as Mary was ready to give birth, The fall festival season, one of the three times a year when families would go to Jerusalem to honor God’s Holy Days, occurs between late September and early October.

At this period, Jerusalem’s population increased significantly, filling the city to the brim. A few kilometers south of Jerusalem, at Bethlehem, this had an impact on the adjacent communities. Every residence was occupied as a result of this massive flood of individuals. In a manger, Joseph and Mary ultimately found a place to dwell. Just as this dog was seeking for a temporary spot to stay to get through the night.

And the dog decided that the improvised barn in Brazil was the ideal place for him to stay warm.

In Mary and Joseph, the dog has found parents who read him bedtime tales and put him to sleep. The three monarchs who pampered him while he lay there turned out to be uncles to him. As he cuddled up to baby Jesus, he realized that he had discovered a sibling. The guardian angel standing behind him, offering him his intangible blanket of protection, also brought him peace and safety. Lastly, he discovered a business in the plastic animals that were all around him.

People were shocked to see a new figure in the nativity scene the next day.

He fit in the crib next to baby Jesus flawlessly, drawing attention right away. The onlookers marvelled over the pooch and the hilarious predicament he had found himself in. They captured him in photos and films that will be shared online for years to come. It’s incredible to realize how similar the German Shepherd’s path is to the Holy Family’s. How they both managed to find shelter while attempting to survive the night in a rather unexpected location.

Christmas is a charitable time of year. Now is the time to show others compassion.

Hopefully the cute dog was adopted and raised by someone with a kind heart. Someone to show him the love and encouragement he needs. This puppy needs a real family that he can call his own, a place he can call home where he can develop and be cared for.




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