Pitiful Milton Longcat Gets Adopted By Kind-Hearted Parent And Has A Loving Home Forever

Every cat owner knows how special cats are, however all the animals in the world are adorable. It is very nice to see kind hearted people treating animals with the best way possible. That was also the case for our little friend Milton Longcat, who now enjoys his life next to his favourite parents. Although many bad things have happened to him, Milton always has a positive attitude.

The heartwarming story was told by Dan, Milton’s new father. Dan and his wife worked as volunteers in a local animal shelter. They would foster a cat so they finished a course of animal training. A week later, they got an offer to bring up a lovely cat.

Milton Longcat is an adorable lynx point Siamese. Before getting adopted he didn’t have a nice life. The poor cat was hit by a car and shot with a BB gun. He had been infected with FIV+, heartworm, and mycoplasma.

His owner immediately know what a good cat Milton is from his gestures.“His first action when he was turned loose in my office was to head-butt my hands, and he purred like a freight train when I petted him,” Dan said.

Milton needed some time to finally get along with the rest of the cats.

While Dan and his wife were reading in the living room, they heard Milton’s distinctive meow meow coming down the hallway. He and his new friends had joined a sniff-fest. They had a lot of fun together. When Milton saw the cats who got hissed at him, he sounded like he was saying “Hey, why the hiss? We’re buddies! We love each other!”.

However Milton became very quickly best friends with shy  2-year-old former stray cat, Fred.

“I often hear what sounds like a herd of wildebeest thundering down the hallway, but it’s Milton and Fred racing down the hall and leaping over each other,” Dan said with his surprise.

Milton was taken to the vet to treat his wounds. To celebrate his first visit to the shelter vet clinic, his mother made a beautiful blue walking jacket for him. He proudly walked away with the new gift from his mother. Whenever he came to the vet clinic, all staff loved him so much. So he was more excited about that.

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