“Unsellable” Dog Dumped By Breeders Becomes Huge Instagram Star !

As one of the smallest dog breeds on Earth, the Pomeranian is often loved for its tiny body, its adorable appearance. So when a Pomeranian dog is a little too big, many people just think he is no longer cute. This is also the reason why Bertram was dumped by their own breeders, everyone assumed that this boy was “too big to sell”.

The five-month-old baby was handed over to a shelter in Tulsa and there she somehow became famous. He was adored for his sweet, kind nature and chill, relaxed attitude. Although the people from the shelter wanted to stay with the sympathetic boy as long as possible, they still knew they had to find him an official owner to love and care for him, and luckily they didn’t have to wait too long.

An artist in New York saw his pictures on Petfinder and immediately fell in love. According to what Kathy Grayson shared, it was his eyes that drew her attention miraculously. Kathy decided to adopt this lovely guy without a second thought even though it wasn’t easy to reach his spot. Because she knew she needed the pooch, distance did not matter at all.

Bertram (or Bert as Kathy often calls him) had a difficult start, but his life changed just at that moment. Maybe destiny worked that way so they could get to know each other and share their happy lives.

And to no one’s surprise, Kathy isn’t the only one who found Berta extraordinary and incredibly charming, countless Instagram users have also fallen in love with the fantastic boy! His  Instagram account has so far garnered over 443,000 followers, and people just can’t get enough of his cuteness.

Bert is also a star at the Kathy Art Gallery. Many people come there just to meet him or let the dog meet him, and the dog doesn’t mind being in the spotlight at all!

It is safe to say that this wonderful guy lives fascinatingly in New York, and in the near future we will see many more fond moments of Bert!




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