80-Year-Old Gravestone Honors Dog Who “Died A Gentleman”

Kiroli Park in Louisiana has miles of nature trails, a dog park, tennis courts, playgrounds, and an 80-year-old dog grave.

Zach Medlin was enjoying the trails in the park with his dog, Serena, when he spotted something underneath a pile of pine needles.

He brushed the leaves and pine needles away and uncovered a gravestone that read: “Buddie 1928 — 1941. Born a dog / Died a gentleman.”

“The inscription was covered by some pine straw. So I had to move the pine straw out of the way to read what the grave marker had to say.” 

It warms my heart to know that Buddie carried his owners through the Great Depression. All dogs deserve a grave marker.”

The 150-acre park was founded in 1980 and before that was a Boy Scouts Camp. According to a local man, in 1917 the land was purchased by the Kiwnas Club, Rotary Club, and Lions Club and donated to the Boy Scouts.

The City of West Monroe took over the area and turned it into Kiroli Park once the scouts moved to another location.

So: who was Buddie? A local legend says Buddie was the doggie mascot for a Boy Scout camp in the area. Other research implies he was an Irish Setter and a beloved family pet who frequently took walks at the park where he now lies buried. To be fair, even all those years ago Buddie was a pretty popular name choice for a dog.

Whatever’s true about Buddie “the gentleman”‘s history, one thing is known for sure: someone really cared about him. His memory lives on through this subtle but permanent dedication in the park.

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