Mournful Dog Spotted Guarding His Late Brother’s Grave

I think one of the most painful moments in life is, losing a person you love or a family member. Even if they are gone and we know it, it’s hard to let go. For animals this feeling is also mutual.

Kopi-O, Teh-C and Teh-O came from the same litter, they grew up together happily on the island of Pulau Ubin, Singapore. The three were pretty close, until a tragic hit-and-run car accident took Kopi-O away. And sadly, the taxi driver has yet to be disclosed, his name remains a mystery.

Kapi-O’s death made sad many locals as he was a very lovable dog and everyone knew him in the island. The two-year-old boy used to act as a guide dog who often accompanied visitors along trails around the island and protected them from wild boars. On the social network, they shared about their grief after hearing the shocking news.

Some residents even wished to erect a plaque or a statue to remember this sweet guy. But Kopi-O’s owner had turned down all the notable ideas and only accepted a tombstone. The location of his grave was also kept a secret due to the man’s request for privacy.

However Teh-C and Teh-O were the most hurted of all. They were so influenced by their brother’s death. After Kopi-O was laid to rest, Teh-C was spotted mourning atop his sibling’s grave sorrowfully. Anybody could see how gloomy the dog was.

Just like his brother Kopi-O, Teh-C was a kind-hearted and cheerful dog who loved helping people. Both of them were famous community dogs of Ubin whom both locals and tourists truly adored.

It’s their friendly nature and bravery that won the love of so many people!

Now that Kopi-O was gone, but he would still live in the heart of his brothers and his fans, forever.

Rest in peace, fury friend.




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