Sweet Dogs Warmly Welcome Newborn Kitten Into Their Family !

While there are a lot of stereotypes about dogs and cats and how the world is divided into dog lovers and cat lovers, they can actually live peacefully under the same roof, no matter what people tend to paint. If you are in the mood for some precious friendships, here is a wonderful family with three dogs and two cats that will make you go “awww”. These furry guys not only live harmoniously, but are best friends as well.

The male ginger cat and the female gray cat are also a cute couple who have just given birth to a cute kitten lately and it’s hard to say who is the happiest among them all. This gray baby looks like his mother. When the newborn kitten clings comfortably to mommy, the rest of the gang watches them from a distance, looking rather worried. They know from that moment that their lives have changed in an amazing way.

The two cats of course take great care of their baby, but Husky and two golden retrievers truly adore their new friend as well. Just by the way patiently watching the stinky thing, it’s safe to say they’re glad the angels are the guardians of this little girl. They seem to be even more proud than the biological parents themselves.

Check out their sweet life here:

As the little kitten gets a little older, both dogs and cats are always there for her, watching every step. They look at her with deep concern, quietly staying with her, leading her to discover the world. There is no doubt that she is one of the happiest kittens on this Earth loved by such a dear family.

Let’s take a look at the heart-melting scenes:




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