The puppy had already been through a world of pain and wasn’t even a year old

“Howl Of A Dog”once rescued a small puppy named Mina, Mina was in a terrible condition when she was found. The poor pup could barely stand on her own due to her severe emaciation. However Howl Of A Dog rescued little Mina and decided to give her a chance to heal herself and survive.

In this video, we see Mina’s appalling condition after she was pulled from the pound. She was rushed to the hospital for emergency veterinary care. After a thorough examination, the vet determined that Mina was suffering from mange, intestinal infections, anemia, and dehydration. Her immune system was extremely weakened, which left her with no strength to fight back.

Mina was hooked up with lifesaving fluids as a critical measure, and her rescuers prayed that she pulled through somehow. While her health bounced back after the treatment, the rescuers realized Mina’s emotionally traumatized state was another hurdle altogether.

The pooch was so terrified and kept shaking whenever someone would try to touch her. Even when she was strong enough to stand on her own, she would still keep her tail tucked between her legs. Her takecares knew that this was a sign of pain and it was something which truly made them sad.

Over the weeks, she grew fond of her caretakers who doted on her and pampered her with hugs and belly rubs. She even made some friends at the shelter! When Mina voluntarily wagged her tail and endeavored to play with toys for the first time, the shelter was overjoyed and knew she was ready for a real home!

Watch the video below and see Mina’s amazing end , as she found her forever home in Germany! And not only she found loving parents but also loving big sister – Alma – too.




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