Abused Dog Who Used To Think He Didn’t Deserve To Live, Determinedly Overcomes All The Odds To Become A Happy Dog !

Everyone deserves love and happiness! And this is no exception for animals, especially for animals that cruel people abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, not every animal gets a second chance at a happy life. Many poor animals have to fend for themselves and try to survive in difficult circumstances…

Apollo was once one of those animals. When he arrived at Texas Animal Care Services in San Antonio, he was in poor condition and in poor health due to abuse. He curled up in his kennel and cried, and he was obviously afraid of people! After everything had happened in his past, he thought he no longer deserved to live!

When the loving family saw his photo on social media, they decided to do something to help him. Veterinarians told them he had not socialized well and would never be a good pet. He was also diagnosed with a deadly affliction. However, the family refused to believe it. Despite physical and mental problems, they still adopted him and took him home.

Thanks to the help and care of the family, Apollo recovered from his distemper and slowly became a beautiful and happy dog. His transformation is unbelievable.

Shortly after she was rescued, its new owner Megan Cook said:

“We brought him home, gave him food, a bed and everything the puppies wanted. You should have seen how excited he was when we fed him those first few months. He fully recovered from his illness. He slowly became the best dog, sometimes even very cuddly. Our favorite thing on the planet are our morning walks.

He is kind, confident and kind – the perfect family pet.

He is our tiny dachshund’s best friend in the world. Recently we had a baby, and from the moment we brought our baby home, Apollo adopted the baby as if he were his own puppy.”

Apollo is now living his best life. He overcame all chances of becoming the perfect family pet. If Apollo can come back from a violent situation, so can any dog!




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