Lil Dog Pulled From Meat Truck, Waited At The Airport For Her “Human Angel”

Unfortunately in China dog meat trade is still going on. Even in provinces that have made it illegal, backyard farmers and butchers still operate. Dogs are kept in deplorable conditions. Thankfully, groups like Slaughterhouse Survivors try their best to rescue as many dogs as possible.

Little Pearl was found in the back of a track, in horrible shape. The poor thing was missing a leg and seemed like she suffered from mange. She need immediately medical care. The people who rescued Pearl assumed that the little pup won’t be able to make it, however they weren’t willing to give up on her yet.

Amazingly, Pearl pulled through. Her courage and tenacity inspired other dogs around her too! Two months after coming off the meat truck, Pearl was ready to fly to America to meet her new foster mom. Road Dogs and Rescue took care of her transport. Pearl’s foster mom, Leah, was excited to meet her at the airport. Their connection was instant. Pearl was ready to meet her foster siblings next. They accepted her immediately. Dogs just get it! While they got acquainted and Pearl could play a bit, Leah noticed that she did struggle to get around. Her hips weren’t great and having three legs put a strain on them.

Shorty after, the next thing to do was to check out the addoption applications. They were plenty good ones but Ashley’s surely stood out. Ashley used to be a veterinarian and an amazing woman. She drove miles from Californa back to east cost. It was hard for Leah to say goodbye to Pearl, however she knew that Pearl was about to take the love she deserves.

Pearl, along with two other dogs, started their road trip with a bang. She’s such a chill, laidback dog that she accepted the long hours in the car as well as their stops in hotel rooms with her new friends.

They arrived at Cheryl’s home in Allentown, PA a few days later. Ashley drove from New York to meet her new addition. Pearl had no idea how excited everyone was for her to begin her new life. But she would soon find out! Cheryl says in the video posted below that “Pearl is a beautiful creature” and deserves the best life possible. She sure does!

Ashley is thinking of getting Pearl a prosthetic leg, which might help her get around better. It’s truly heartwarming how this pup was about to be sold for meat, now living her best life and being happier than ever. Pearl is a true survivor!

Check out Pearl’s adoption in the video below:

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