Pup Was So Abused, She Didn’t Even Look Like A Dog. But Her Journey To Recovery Is Inspirational !

Rescuers in Puerto Rico came across a dog, later named Caci, who was so abused that she didn’t even look like a dog. She had wounds all over her body and her face was so swollen. It was not known who did this to her, but the most important thing was that she was now safe and away from her abuser.

Rescuers arrested her and provided her with the emergency medical care she needed. Doctors were worried because they weren’t sure if she would survive at all, but they promised to do anything to save her life.

A few days after she was at the clinic, she had already reacted to the antibiotic she was given. The swelling on her face had diminished so much and she was starting to look like a real dog.

The New York Bully Crew posted its story online that has touched thousands of people around the world. Everyone was following her daily progress, and thankfully, things began looking up.

As the days went by, she healed more and more. She loved running around the clinic and erupted from the shell. Despite everything she went through, she was such a kind dog. Usually dogs that have been abused by humans are very timid and nervous around humans, but Caci still loved human affection and was very confidential.

Once she was healthy and sterilized enough, she was ready to fly to New York where she would be received by the New York Bully Crew. She looks so much better now and is doing great! He plays and meets new dogs and loves life. Now the only thing missing is a loving forever home, which NYBC will hopefully help her find!

Watch her amazing transformation in the video below. Her road to recovery has been a long journey, but not once has her positive demeanor waivered. For everything she’s been through, she is a very loving and strong dog. Her story is an inspiration to us all!




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