Shelter Dogs Rescued Together Sleep Side By Side Every Night !

Romeo and Damian are five-year-old pit bulls who have been rescued together. When the SPCA from Nassau County found them, the poor dogs were starving, dehydrated, and losing weight, and their ribs, spine, and hips were prominent. They were immediately transferred to the local veterinary office to begin receiving care that had apparently never been provided to them.

After the vets examined the dogs, it was determined that Romeo, in addition to all the other problems, also had a metal foreign body in his abdomen. Both dogs have a long way to go in terms of recovery, but the neglect and trauma they suffered somehow did not break their spirit at all …

Both Romeo and Damian constantly yearn for human attention and have fallen in love with every person who helps them recover.

“They are both incredibly sweet,” Maria Mora, executive director of the Nassau County SPCA, told The Dodo. “Kissing is what they do best. They will need a little training, though, as they need to work on their manners.”

As much as they love people, Romeo and Damian also have a very strong bond with each other and seem to comfort themselves with each other as they recover and wait until the perfect forever families finally find them.

When Romeo and Damian sleep, they always like to be touching, and tend to curl right up next to each other …

… and it’s the sweetest scene ever.

“They will be up for adoption once they are medically cleared, which we expect to be any day now,” Mora said.

Romeo and Damian have been through so much, but with the mutual help and love of the rescuers, they are more than willing to move on and accept their second chance.

If you’d like to adopt Romeo or Damian (or both!), you can contact the Nassau County SPCA for more information.




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