Meet ‘Mork Skywalker,’ The Puppy That Looks Like Baby Yoda

Recently, we’ve been blessed with the adorable creation that is “Baby Yoda.” The little alien has taken the internet by storm and it’s difficult to find anything cuter.

At least it was difficult until we spotted this unbelievably cute puppy who bears a striking resemblance to our favourite little alien. The pup, named Mork Skywalker, combines the cuteness of Baby Yoda with the sweetness of puppyhood and the result is dangerously adorable.

Mork was rescued from HarbinSHS, an organisation which tries to save puppies before the end up behind a track and make it to dog meat exchange in China.

It’s difficult to imagine, seeing him now, but Mork is one of the fortunate dogs who’ve been rescued by Harbin SHS and thus avoided ending up in a slaughterhouse. His life could have turned out very different if it wasn’t for Harbin SHS’s hard work. After Mork was rescued, Harbin SHS got in contact with Nikkie Carvey, the founder of the rescue shelter Roadogs.

Mork’s new owner shared some pictures of the pup on his social media and it didn’t take long for on social media user to compare the dog with Baby Yoda from “The Mandalorian.”

Even though the pup doesn’t have the same skin colour as baby yoda, they still have quite some similarities which are hard to deny, for example his ears.

One fan wrote, “My degree of obsession for MORK is out of control! I actually have to quit the whole lot I’m doing when I see his face!” Another one said, “Adorable and he simply stole my heart.” Since arriving in Los Angeles after his rescue in China, Mork has been on his way to recovery. He’s even managed to gain some weight!

Carvey stated, “He eats a cooked meals eating regimen due to the fact of his irritable bowel syndrome. He has a one of a kind weight loss plan of lentils and more than a few supplements. He’s an costly little man to feed. He possibly eats higher than I do. He’s nonetheless extraordinarily underweight, and he receives fed 4 small ingredients a day.”




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