Small Lost Puppy Was Rescued At Night And Given A New Family

Night is the worse part of the day for stray dogs, they have to face the coldness and loliness of the night, searching for some food and safe place to rest, especially for small puppies it’s very hard. A North African went out at night to feed some stray dogs and that’s where he spotted the little pup.

It was raining and the pup fell that she was in danger so she tried to escape the kind hearted man, who was just trying to help her. It took a little while till the pup let him approach her.

Right after getting home, he took the puppy to his warm kitchen. The dog was fed with a plate of canned food and a bowl of water, but she preferred the delicious food rather than cool water because of the cold outside. No one knew exactly when her last meal was and what she ate that time, but it seemed she hadn’t had a big meal for so long. After this, the pup looked at her rescuer with grateful eyes. But still, she was very confused and afraid!

Her cuteness made other dogs at the house want to make friends with her, but she was never friendly with them. She must have been attacked by other animals. The hooligan little pup just wanted to play with her, but he failed the first time. He tried the second time, calming down to mean that he might not harm her. And this time, he was so happy to have a new puppy friend. Now, the stray pup could be sure that she was in safe in her new home with her lovely friends.

This night wouldn’t be like all the others. She won’t have to worry anymore to find a place to sleep or to starve. This time the man would take care of her and give her a warm place to sleep.

We hope that all the stray dogs in the world will have the chance to enjoy a warm shelter with food and love!

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