Man Sees Dog About To Die In Hot Car, Smashes Window And Jumps In To Save Him !

Despite an urgent announcement through the supermarket speakers, the dog owner did not show up for more than 30 minutes. The man refused to be a silent spectator of the impending death of the dog, so he took action…

In any case, leaving dogs in a hot car is similar to purposefully trapping them in a hot oven.

Every year, we hear about numerous tragedies involving dogs that suffer from heat stroke and even die in hot cars.

However, several owners are still unaware of this problem, shamelessly torturing their innocent dogs by leaving them in overheated cars.

After enduring a dog’s frightening plight in a hot car for around an hour, a pair of tourists at the Tesco Supermarket in Swansea, Wales, were forced to take desperate action. 

At first, worried customers warned the supermarket management about the poor dog. Despite the announcement from the speakers, the owner did not arrive for more than 30 minutes.

He bravely smashed the car window and jumped inside just in time to save the suffocating puppy.

Another woman jumped in to give water to the heavily delirious dog as he carried him out of the vehicle. 

The next few minutes were critical as customers took the panting dog into the shade and gave him water.

The dog was doing much better as the cops arrived. Eventually, they tracked down the owner and “advised” them about the risks of leaving the dog in a hot car.

While there is no news on whether the owner will face legal action, the community praised the customers who helped the dog without fear of repercussions.

We hope that this incident serves as a wake-up call to those who want to leave their dogs in hot cars. 

See the video below to see how a couple of shoppers banded together to save a dog who was choking in a hot car!




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