Older Dog Cries In Pain From Walking On “Longest Nails Our Staff Has Ever Seen” !

Shivering from years of neglect, the cute dog bowed her head and prayed that rescuers would fix her seriously overgrown nails.

When a dog’s nails start to touch the ground, they should be cut by a trained professional, such as a dog groomer, vet, or even the pet parent at home. 

Nail trimming regularly keeps the dog happy, healthy and balanced. Long nails on a dog are uncomfortable and are equivalent to walking all day in very high shoes.

No dog should suffer the agony of uncircumcised nails. Florida’s Marion County Humane Society recently came across a stray dog with the worst claws they’ve ever seen.

A ten-year-old Labrador mix came to the shelter in poor condition. She was bumpy and had the longest nails the shelter staff had ever seen.

According to a Facebook post, “some of Docena’s nails were so long that they started to TWIST and painfully twist around each other.”

The only way a dog could end up like that is complete disregard. No one knows how long she was alone, but her nails desperately needed attention.

Docena’s nails had to be carefully clipped because they were so long. Furthermore, some cancers had to be removed while under anesthesia. 

The shelter warned everyone that more than a quarter of unspayed female dogs would develop at least one breast tumor in their lifetime.

Since these tumors are often malignant, it would be a good idea to spay or neuter the dog when needed.

They also found that the dog was born with a limb abnormality. This does not seem to be a problem for her, as she actively uses her leg.

Docena will be cared for by the Humane Society team as she gradually recovers and begins to enjoy the freedom of walking without very long nails.

We wish her good luck in her recovery and encourage readers to always check their dog’s nail length. If it’s time to cut them, consult your veterinarian or pet groomer.

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