11-Year-Old Florida Girl Dies Trying To Save Her Puppies From House Fire !

A young 11-year-old sadly died in a house fire trying to save her two puppies.

According to a report by the Sarasota County Sheriff, detectives launched an investigation into the horrific loss after receiving reports Wednesday that two residences in Florida RV Park were on fire.

Witnesses also helped officers and the WFLA identify the victim as 11-year-old Rilee Beisler, a sixth-grader at McIntosh High School who moved into Sun N Fun RV Park six months ago with her mother and two dogs.

Laura Alden, Beisler’s aunt, told the WFLA:

She has a pure heart. She adores those canines. They were a real pain in the buttocks. They were 7-month-old pit bull puppies, and you know how puppies are, but she adored those canines and considered them her baby.

lden also revealed in a TV interview with the WFLA that her niece escaped unharmed from the fire before entering a burning building to save her dogs.

She loves animals, that’s how it all started. She was on her way home to feed the dogs. She loves those dogs.

Beisler was unconcerned even though her neighbors tried to stop her. 

Through tears, Alden stated: 

Rilee was the type of kid who would go after whatever she wanted. Precocious adolescent. 7

That says a lot about who she was, because she came out of the fire, got out of the house, and then came back.

The Sarasota County Sheriff said on Facebook:

At this point, the phenomenon does not appear to be of a criminal in character, and Rilee is thought to have died as a result of smoke inhalation. 

The investigation is still in progress.

Watch the video below!

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