Abandoned On The Street, Little Puppy Meets A Kind Police Officer Who Offers Him A Family !

We all know that dogs have always been an important part of the police team. They can help police find missing persons and track down suspects.

And this story below shares great news for readers. That is, the LAPD has now recruited a nice new member: an abandoned puppy.

In October, while patrolling near Hobart Avenue, officers from Mercado and Tavera, members of the Hollywood LAPD division, found a little brown puppy; he walked alone.

They decided to put the little dog in the car and take him back to the station.

The little puppy was named Hobart by police – based on where he was found. Hobart also quickly became a member of the police team, and the dog was named the newest member of the K9 team.

Hobart also becomes quite close to the people who saved it as a better acquaintance and especially did not leave the Mercado officer.

The staff looked for the dog’s legitimate owner but discovered his heartbreaking story: its owner could no longer care for it and was trying to get rid of it. Luckily the officers picked up the little dog and brought it to Ghetto Rescue to take care of and find a new adopter.

But this story has a happy ending: Officer Mercado adopted Hobart himself!

According to a December Ghetto Rescue update, and both the cop and the dog are doing well, Mercado is also sharing many exciting things about the cute little dog.

This story touched the hearts of viewers, really grateful to the police officers who gave the little dog a better termite life and hope that one day he will really become a member – the official force of K9 in the near future.




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