Man rescues dying dog in a mud puddle and lovingly transforms his life !

Sometimes people are reluctant to help because they assume it will involve a huge responsibility, not realizing how satisfying it can be to do good. This time we would like to provide a clear example of this issue, as the example of Mr. Jorge Jaime, who acted when he noticed the puppy dying.

In a muck pool, the half-breed was on the verge of death. 

When confronted with the awful scene, Jaime could go no further and set aside all his reserves to hasten to do good. It was obvious that the dog needed help, but no one seemed willing to provide it. However, there was this fantastic dude.

Jorge Jaime approached the hairy dog with caution, as it was not an aggressive creature; in fact, the dog began wailing as soon as he noticed the guy. It was as if the half-breed was pleading for assistance. 

Jorge rescued him off a street in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico’s northernmost city.

Jorge embraced the half-breed in his arms and guided him to his new home. When the dog arrived home, he was bathed in a type of pool to remove all the dirt from his body. 

Jorge also fed him and ensured that there were no external injuries that needed further treatment.

He was lucky to be in good health. The malnutrition and fatigue he carried on his back did him the most damage.

After a year of rescue, the kind man decided to tell his story on the Facebook group Huellitas de amor. Jorge shared a series of photos called “Love Can Do Anything”.

“That’s how I found him; I washed it and it changed as a result of washing. Today, a year after I saved him, he lives peacefully, free from all crimes. “With a little love, you can do a lot,” Jorge said in the publication.

Fur has changed dramatically, and that’s undoubtedly because of Jorge’s love and care.

Publicizing your issue is not a technique to gain attention; rather, it inspires others to realize that you don’t have to be a millionaire to help. Furthermore, it implies that doing good is everyone’s job, and that shelters aren’t the only places that can help these animals.

We congratulate Jorge on his outstanding accomplishment; he has now won a loyal friend. Share this heartfelt story and let’s multiply good acts. We can make a difference if we work together!

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