Shy Homeless Pit Bull With A Broken Leg Hides Under A Bush On Side Of The Road

Α Pit Bull was found laying on the ground with a broken leg and suffering from pain. The poor dog wasn’t able to move as the pain was unberable. People who saw her didn’t try to help her as she is the “scary Pit Bull”, instead they left her there in agony. The pooch had given up any hope and was starved.

A kind hearted guy was passing through the spot where Karma was laying and immediately informed Hope for Paws. People would tell the rescuer to be careful of the Pit Bull since she was a dangerous dog, however he didn’t care what people told him. When he approached Karma, she looked him in the eyes with her beautifully perfect eyes, only to turn away. She was exhausted to the heart and didn’t want to interact with anybody.

The rescuer sensed Karma’s desperation and hopelessness and vowed to make her feel safe in his presence. He gave her food and softly petted and coaxed her to accompany him.Karma reluctantly accepted the food, but she showed little interest in being rescued. The battered girl clearly had confidence problems with humans. She desired to be alone, even though it meant dying gradually.

The rescuer knew that Karma was not going to come to him on her own. So he carefully placed a leash around her neck to see if she was okay with it. Karma, strangely, was very submissive and never acted up with the leash. When the rescuer began to pet her, she eventually took a leap of faith, stood up, and decided to obey him with zeal!

As soon as Karme realized that she was in good hands, she layed her head on her savior’s lap and gave him much love and kisses!




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