Retired K9 shows everyone he’s still a hero saving lives of 2 toddlers in burning home !

It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to become a K8 unit. Dogs selected for such well-known professions must be defensive and courageous beyond measure. Some police K9 appear to retain these characteristics even after retirement.

K9 Maxx, who previously worked for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, is one such K9. He has once again proven himself to be a hero by rescuing a family from a burning house.

A fantastic breed for K9 work.

German shepherds, such as Maxx, are among the most sought-after dogs for K9 units. When it comes to the work ethic required to be a K9 officer, the breed is a natural. They are also docile and faithful, which makes them ideal for the task. Maxx is the epitome of this.

A house fire is reported to firefighters.

The Seminole County Fire Department first responded to a residential fire. The fire department was called to the scene by the homeowner’s neighbor, Chip Dover. Dover had noted that the fire had already engulfed the structure’s back patio area.

In the 911 call, Dover stated, “The entire back of the home is consumed.”

A neighbor assisted the wife in escaping.

Dover assisted in the rescue of one of the captive family members by smashing a window with a piece of patio furniture. Dover was able to persuade his wife, Margo Feaser, to come to the window with the assistance of his son.

Maxx comes to the rescue

Margo informed Dover that her husband and two children were left in the house. Then Maxx, Margo’s wife’s dog, took action. When firefighters came to the scene, Maxx led them through hallways full of smoke. He quickly took them to two children, who were then transported to safety.

Then Maxx took the firefighters to Marg’s spouse. He was also brought to safety. While still alive, the family suffered injuries, some of which were critical, and was sent to a nearby hospital.

Maxx was injured in the fire. Maxx was also injured by inhaling smoke.

He was transferred for treatment to a nearby animal clinic.

Margo’s husband, a deputy with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, had adopted Maxx when he retired from police work. Following the incident, Sheriff Don Eslinger issued a statement saying, “We are grateful to the neighbors who rushed into action, and we especially applaud the firefighters who heroically entered the burning structure and risked their lives for the Feaser family.”

Maxx eventually recovered completely from his injuries and was allowed to return home.

Even in retirement, Maxx remains a hero and the epitome of a devoted family pet.

Watch the video below to learn more about Maxx and his exploits!

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