13-Year-Old German Shepherd Rescued By 93-Year-Old Navy Veteran Just In Time To Save His Life !

He said the old dog was exactly what he needed ❤️

The 93-year-old Navy veteran rescued a 13-year-old white German Shepherd just days before an elderly puppy was due to be put to sleep in a shelter in Arizona.

It is incomprehensible how a family at the age of 13 could leave a beautiful, white German Shepherd, but that happened to Sam. Sam was heartbroken because his family rejected him and the chances of adoption were very poor.

However, fate had other plans for Sam. Luckily, Sam caught the rescue attention in Orange County and so George Johnson found out about the dog trouble. All that needed to happen to save the puppy was a phone call.

You see, George loved German Shepherds, especially white ones. So when his beloved white German Shepherd passed away, he turned to the Orange Country Rescue Service to see if they had a white shepherd he could adopt.

They didn’t have a white dog for George, however, they knew about Sam and told him where he could find the puppy. However, even better, when George said he wanted an older dog, the volunteers drove to Arizona and drove Sam back to Orange County.

George was thrilled to be the proud owner of Sam, “just what I need, two old dogs together,” he said. He even decided to try to learn about Sam’s previous owner and wanted to discover how the sweet old pup ended up in a shelter.

He learned that his previous owner had raised Sam since he was a puppy and joined the Navy. Left with no other choice, he could no longer worry about Sam. Since George was a retired Navy veteran, there was no chance he would let Sam down and vowed to take care of him for the rest of his life.

George loves Sam, but says he has never had a dog like him. Obviously, Sam doesn’t like balls or squeaky toys … he’s special “because he’s alive” and likes to spend his days by George’s side. 😀

George knows that Sam is old for a shepherd and is well past his prime. Despite that, he is committed to caring for Sam as long as he wants to stay here on earth with him. The two will stay buddies together, enjoying their friendship.

Watch the video below for more information!

🐾🐾❤️God bless you for taking this beautiful dog !




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