Lonely Homeless Boy Rescues A Street Pup, Doesn’t Know Pup Will Return The Favor In Touching Way !

There are few things more heartbreaking than seeing a child living on the streets. Sadly, it’s more common than most people realize.

Few things are more sad than witnessing a child surviving on the streets. Unfortunately, it is more frequent than most people know. 

Photographer Maria Kabs came across a boy named Rommel Quemenales who lives on the streets of Quezon City in the Philippines and decided to photograph him for her Facebook page.

Rommel may have been homeless, but he found a way to make his life more enjoyable. He took a puppy that also lived on the street. Kabs touched their friendship and decided to film them together.

Despite the living conditions, Rommel and his companion are satisfied. They no longer have to be lonely because they have each other.

Kabs shared her pictures on Facebook, and they got a lot of attention. They have had an impact on many individuals. While everyone wants Rommel not to be homeless and to be able to have a regular upbringing, they are grateful that he has a playmate with whom he could play and make him happy.

Rommel’s story is much more tragic than most people believe. He told the photographer that his parents had divorced and that he had to drop out of school after the second grade. He also stated that he has a sister in another town and that when he has the money, he goes to see her. He wants to return to school and play with other kids his age. He stated that he discovered the puppy and named him Badgi. 

Rommel’s best friend is Badgi, with whom he spends all day playing. Rommel likes to teach Badgie new things and cuddle with him at night. Rommel got a bad hand, but he learned to care for people and be compassionate. Badgi and Rommel are really happy to have each other. Let’s hope their situation improves one day.




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