After A Tornado Destroys Her Home, A Dog Has A Sweet Reunion With Her Mother

The tornado took so much, but they have each other!

As the Friday night news was warning of an EF2 tornado, Bruce and Ona Dunlap’s cable suddenly went out.

Bruce opened the door of their Logan County, Arkansas, home to ascertain what was happening. “When he stepped outside he told Ona, ‘It’s awful quiet outside and there’s no wind — there’s nothing out here,’” Julie Moore, an honest friend of the couple’s, told The Dodo. “She said, ‘Oh yes there’s . Get to the storm shelter now.’” 

The couple quickly need to work. Ona rushed to their housemate’s room to assist the handicapped man into the storm shelter. Meanwhile, Bruce looked for the couple’s four cats and two dogs. 

One cat, Ladybug, was missing and their dog Dasha refused to travel outside. Bruce was forced to go away without them.

“Dasha could sense that something was wrong and she or he visited the kitchen and lay down,” Moore said. “Bruce didn’t know what to try to to … by the time he need to the storm shelter he could barely get the door to shut.”

The tornado touched down, tearing the roof off the Dunlaps’ house and scattering debris and belongings everywhere. once they finally emerged from the shelter, it had been so dark, they couldn’t even tell what a part of the house was still standing.

The next day, the Dunlaps and a couple of friends were surveying the damage when a fluffy face emerged from the wreckage. “Dasha came running out like, ‘Why did y’all wait so long?’” Moore said. “Ona just grabbed her fur and grabbed her face and began lecture her, saying, ‘I’m sorry. We’re here.’”

Moore slipped her phone out of her pocket and snapped a couple of pictures of the touching reunion. “[Ona] talks to her sort of a person and Dasha actually responded sort of a person — they kissed one another ,” Moore said.

A miracle happened: The cat found her way back to her mom. “She was wet, she was cold and shaking,” Moore said. “Ona just grabbed her up and began pulling the sheetrock out of her fur, and just squeezed her and hugged her.”

“One thing Bruce said once they found both of them and she or he was hugging them,” Moore added, “he said, ‘There’s your kids.’”

The Dunlaps have an extended thanks to go before their family are going to be settled again, but they’re so grateful that all of them made it through the night. Luckily, they need the support of their community, which is coming together to assist the Dunlaps in any way possible!




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