A Dog With Untreatable Tumor Shows Off Her Beauty !

Meet Serenity, the rescue dog who had a huge tumor on her face.

Even though she doesn’t look like the other dogs, she has an amazing spirit and the energy of a playful and happy puppy.

Despite her looks, that doesn’t stop her from being happy. The 4-year-old Siberian Husky finally gets the love she deserves.

Serenity used to be a stray in San Antonio, Texas. Her unusual appearance prevented her from finding home. That’s why she was transported to Dallas, Texas.

When Patti Dawson heard about Serenity, she decided to be her new foster mom. Dawson said that the dog was very happy and even showered her with kisses. Sadly, Dawson doesn’t know how much time Serenity has left.

The vet who examined Serenity said that the tumor has taken away the bones in her face. Despite the fact that the tumor went above her eye sockets and skull, she is still able to breathe and eat. Other dog lovers think Serenity is in pain, but she hasn’t shown any signs of discomfort.

Even though the vet didn’t give good news to Dawson, she won’t stop loving her and giving her the life she deserves.

So, Dawson decided to spoil her with delicious food and a lot of playtimes. She even scheduled a photo session for Serenity in order to encourage people to donate to her care.

Animal photographer Renee Dowhaniuk took amazing pictures of Serenity. When her pictures were shared online, many people jumped in to help her in any way possible.

Many donated for Serenity care, while others sent 300 care packages for her. Now, every time she gets a package, she is very happy. She truly deserves to be spoiled!

Although it is unknown how much time Serenity has left, Dawson will make sure the puppy lives his best life!




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