Dog Walks 125 Miles With ‘Tears In Her Eyes’ To Get Back To Owner, Who Rejected Her !

If we talk about loyalty, no one can beat dogs. They are known for their loyalty. This is proven by this loyal dog who, despite the owner’s refusal, tried to return home to his owner.

In order to meet her owner, this loyal dog covered 125 miles with tears in her eyes. Not only this, she suffered women in her paws. But this thing did not deter her. This Bullmastiff ” Maru” walked through Russian forests filled with brown bears and wolves.

Maru was returned by the Trans-Siberian train to the place where she was born. Her difficulties began when her honor in Krasnoyarsk revealed that she was allergic to their sympathetic one-year-old pet and therefore it was decided that Mara was no longer needed there.

But the innocent and loyal Maru escaped when the train was going back to the place where she was born and it stopped at the remote station near Achinsk.

Maru used her paws to open the compartment of the train and then she went away to the owner who gave her up. Train staff looked for the pet, even shouted her name on the platform but they didn’t get any information about the dog. Kennel owner Alla Morozova, who is based in Novosibirsk city, made a search for the lost Bullmastiff and even begged on social media for the information.

Two and a half days later, the exhausted and wounded dog was in an industrial zone near her home. According to Allie, there seemed to be tears in the rejected dog’s eyes. It passed near the Trans-Siberian Railway and traversed 125 miles through the wild landscape.

The tired pet fell down the railway embankment in Krasnoyarsk and was found and recognized thanks to a campaign on social networks. Alla said the dog was very lucky because it did not become a meal for the bears and wolves in the area. She said the dog was extremely tired and limping because her paws were injured and bleeding.

Trained staff later told that a dog suffered a panic attack and when the train stopped she jumped from the compartment door like a bullet.

Alla was surprised by the navigation skills of the dog but she was convinced that the dog would reach for the old home. She said that dogs are very attached to people and she was also looking for her house she wants to go back where she lived.

Maru was geographically on the right track, she didn’t know the places. Alla was quite angry that the owner who refused the dog did not even get involved in the search for the lost pet. Maru was sent to Novosibirsk and is being treated for injuries.

The animal had been reunited with her mother and father who live at Novosibirsk. So far no decision has been made regarding the future of the dog.




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