Senior Dog Without A Nose Finds Perfect Family !

Mirabel was discovered wandering the streets of Kentucky by a Samaritan. As they approached, they noticed that Jack Russell was missing a nose. They immediately called the animal control and reported a dog with terrible trauma to his face. When the Animal Control Headquarters examined Mirabel closely, she lost not only her nose but also her upper lip, but the injury was not due to her accident – she was born that way. Veterinarians examined him and concluded that he had a congenital abnormality – as if he had a cleft palate. So Mirabel had problems with her teeth, and her upper teeth were constantly exposed.

Mirabel was then transferred to the Woodstock Animal Foundation. WAF posted Mirabel’s story on Facebook, and soon after, they donated about $ 6,000 – far exceeding the target required to pay all medical bills. Her story even caught the attention of local newspapers.

Kelli Shook, a life coach and counselor from Toledo, Ohio, saw Mirabella’s face as she watched the news and was immediately drawn to this girl. They soon started working together.

Kelli primarily works with children. When Mirabel appeared, the kids were shocked by the dog’s face, but it didn’t take long for the children to get over it and realize that she was just a normal dog. Kelly uses Mirabel to teach children about kindness, acceptance and respect.

The Jack Russell Little Jackal may have some health problems but Mirabel was in great spirits. Kelli believes her nose is fully functional; She smells good like most other dogs.
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This is Mirabel!

Despite her health problems, Mirabel was in a good mood!

She was very friendly, going up to everybody, not afraid of other animals, not afraid of people!

“Children don’t care. They just think she’s so cute, ”she said. “And no one is afraid to caress her, even though her teeth are showing.”

Although her time on this planet is unknown, she is part of a family that adores her.




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