Dog Didn’t Recognize Her Dad After Being Lost For 3 Years, Then Dad Crouched !

When Pakita the dog disappeared 3 years ago, her dad was left scared and terrified. The man felt helpless as he searched everywhere for her, only to have his hopes faded again.

However, he never gave up on her and continued to look for her in shelters – until his efforts were finally rewarded. Three years later, Dad was thrilled to learn that Pakita was alive and in the remote shelter where she lived. quite a secluded and gloomy life the last 3 years.

But when he arrived at the shelter to take her home, Pakita’s reaction was not what he expected, writes ilovemidog

The years of separation and a rough shelter life had clearly taken a toll on Pakita. The depressed pooch only trusted her caretakers and refused to have a good look at Dad. She didn’t recognize him at all and whimpered to find a strange new human approaching her.

Dad understood Pakita’s nervous stress-induced body language and persuaded her to get closer. Pakita hesitated, but Dad squatted down and yelled at her and that prompted her to move forward and sniff him – and that was a big thunderbolt from the clear sky for her!

She began to recognize his scent and realized that her dear long lost father had returned to take her home!

This clip captures the amazing moment when Pakita overcomes his doubts and pays tribute to Dad for his ecstatic emotions!

From a frightened station she is shocked to insanely happy within seconds, and Dad assures her that she will never be lonely again.

Keep up the volume as you watch their reunion in tears below!

Click on the video below to see how Pakita is wild with joy when he finally recognizes Dad!




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