Dog Overlooked At Shelter For 2531 Days Still Hopes That Someone Will Adopt Him

We all know that dogs live shorter than humans. Therefore, we always respect every moment we have with our dogs.

We enjoy this unique and special relationship and we try our best to make them safe and happy.

There are many cases in which dogs are:


left alone to starve or

wait for their owners to return and pick them up.

And the most poignant story is a dog that waited 2531 days for its family.

This dog had to spend 7 years in a shelter, waiting for someone to love and adopt it.

She is a mixed breed terrier named Dahlia. Dahlia has been living at the Humane Society in Santa Barbara, California since she was 6 months old. She spent her whole life in a shelter because luck just wasn’t on her side. The shelter struggled to find a home for Dahlia, she was neglected and had to see all her friends adopt one by one for 7 years.

As time passed and Dahlia could not yet find a home, the shelter decided to do something else. They used the help of social media to help Dahlia find an eternal home.

One of the shelter volunteers shared a video of Dahlie hoping to get someone to open her home to her. They also described her as a sweet, loving and loyal pup who loves to cuddle and loves to please.

“She is really sweet, smart, full of love, loyal big banner … I am looking for a great home… She will really make someone happy! ”

Luckily, a man from Orange County saw the video and immediately drove to the shelter to meet and adopt Daliah.

And now the poor dog has found a new home where she will be happy with the love and care of her owner.

The Humane Society updated people with this statement, “We are over the moon! For all of you that asked about how Dahlia is doing…she has found her forever home!! Thank you to everyone that shared her story and reached out to us!”

We’re glad to know that Dahlia found a forever home after 7 long years!

As dog lovers, we strongly believe every dog should be adopted into happy homes! And not spend their days in a shelter. So, if you’re looking to get a dog, please consider adopting a puppy from a shelter!




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