A Beloved Puppy Can’t Take It Any Longer And Crosses The Rainbow 15 Minutes After His Owner Passes Away

Many pets are so connected to their owners that they can sense when they are in pain or upset and show sympathy. Small children and dogs are particularly adept at showing sympathy in this way, but Nero’s story demonstrates that these little creatures may form strong bonds with people in charge at any age.

As if to show his owner how much he loved him and that he couldn’t live without him, the faithful little dog decided to cross over the rainbow to be with him just 15 minutes after his owner lost his battle with cancer.

Stuart Hutchison passed away at the age of 25, after an impressive fight against a brain tumor that was detected in 2011 and during all this time Nero had become his best medicine.

Despite undergoing chemotherapy sessions and having undergone surgery to remove the tumor, her cancer came back stronger. The disease had spread to most of his brain, bones, and pelvis.

Due to bleak prospects, Stuart moved to the home of his mother, Fiona Conaghan, to spend time with her. On August 11, Danielle’s glasses broke and her father-in-law offered to come over to her house to find another replacement pair that the 22-year-old woman kept.

Knowing that they had little time left together, Stuart’s father did not want her to be separated from him for a moment.

Upon arriving at the property, the man found Nero a bit ill and acted immediately, knowing how valuable he was to his son.

Nero said goodbye to this world suddenly, a few minutes after his friend Stuart passed away at his mother’s house.

Aside from the two-year-old French Bulldog, the couple had two other dogs: Nala, four, and Amelia, Nala and Nero’s puppy. Now Danielle is doubly upset about the tragedy, but remains amazed by the strange “coincidence”.

Stuart Hutchison who died aged 25 after a cancer battle. See SWNS story SWSCdeath. A young cancer patient died aged 25 – just 15 minutes before his favourite pet dog passed away. Stuart Hutchison was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2011, and underwent surgery and bouts of chemotherapy to treat it. But the cancer spread to his bones and he suffered another aggressive tumour. Stuart, who married wife Danielle, 22, in January, doted on his two-year-old French bulldog, Nero.

Their incredible connection has touched everyone by the story of Nero and Stuart Hutchison

Despite how incredible it seems, this faithful companion still maintained his connection to his owner even after death. This only confirms the fact that these creatures are truly angels who accompany us during our journey through life.




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