Tortured Dog With Eyes Super Glued Shut Fights To Keep Her Vision

An 11-pound dog with super glue sealed shut its eyes arrived at the Northern Pike Animal Hospital in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, this week.

Vets see a lot of horrific incidents while working, but this patient shocked them. Vets feared that the pup would lose her eyesight, but they didn’t give up hope!

As a result of the abuse, the puppy is now free of glue, but she suffered many consequences. However, she’s expected to make a full recovery and ultimately find a forever home where she’ll be safe from harm. It’s difficult to fathom why anyone would do this to an innocent animal.

It’s unclear who glued the dog’s eyes shut, but vets didn’t have time to ask questions. The dog’s owner brought her in for emergency care but didn’t have enough money to cover the medical costs. So, they quickly made arrangements to surrender the dog to Paws Across Pittsburgh so she could be saved. Veterinarian Angie Thompson said she’s never seen anything like it.

“It was a lot. It had to be at least one entire bottle of super glue based on how much was on her face,” said Thompson. “We did some anesthesia with her because it was super painful, a lot of pain meds and we spent about an hour using mineral oil slowly breaking down the glue and peeling off all of her fur.”

In addition to losing her eyelashes and all the hair around her eyes,

Baby Girl also has large ulcers, but has saved her sight.

The treatment cost thousands of dollars, but it all paid off as Baby Girl is expected to fully recover.

She will be ready for adoption once she has fully recovered.

“It’s horrible and we should be held accountable for this,”

“You shouldn’t be able to do this to an animal and get away with it.”

Animal rescue group Paws Across Pittsburgh takes in dogs abused and neglected and relies on donations and volunteers to help these dogs.

If you would like to help dogs in need such as Baby Girl and others at the rescue, please consider donating.

Fortunately, Paws Across Pittsburgh can assist Baby Girl on her journey to a better life!




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