Homeless Dog found living at a gas station gets to sleep in a bed for the very first time

Dogs on the streets have a hard life, and sometimes they can live for years before someone steps up to help them.

Rescuer in Ukraine:

Love Furry Friends dog rescue was founded by a woman whose mission is

to provide shelter and assistance to stray dogs, homeless and abused dogs.

In Ukraine: The rescuer and founder of Love Furry Friends dog rescue has made it her mission to help as many stray, homeless, and abused dogs as possible. 

Ukraine has harsh winters and a lot of dogs in need, so the rescue is constantly working to save lives.

When the rescuer heard about a dog who’d been living at a gas station. People had claimed the dog had been living there for a couple of years and would approach people getting gas to beg for food.

The woman discovered the dog had already had a few litters of puppies at the gas station and had survived on her own there her entire life.

She knew she couldn’t leave the dog there to suffer through winters or have even more puppies. So she approached the homeless pup.

The dog was more than happy to have attention and eagerly went with the rescuer to the veterinarian.

The small dog, who they named Linda, wasn’t afraid of humans and seemed to enjoy being around people.

She has fleas and ticks, but Linda is in good health.

She is about 2 years old.

Linda felt perfect after a day spent at the dog spa!

Puppy was:


2 nurtured and

3.well treated

The sweet pup went home with the rescuer and got to sleep in a bed for the very first time. She loved it!

Thank you for giving Linda a home, we are glad she finally found an eternal home.

Leaving her on the street for so long is a tragedy…




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