A maltreated dog was rescued from transforming into a stone. Finally he becomes a healthy dog

A dog that was abandoned on the streets of Greece. The dog hardened like a stone. He was neglected and had a sad expression on his face.

Unfortunately, no one came to the dog’s aid in his distress. The dog had given up hope that someone would come to his aid one day. He was really hungry and dehydrated. He was mistreated and emaciated as he walked around the streets all day.

The rescue crew received a phone call one day about saving this weary canine. The rescue team arrived quickly. The dog had only been around for five years. He had a slew of health issues that needed meticulous treatment.

Fortunately, after 4 months of intensive nursing. The dog’s condition improved.

Her stone-like skin transformed into soft skin and fluffy hair. We hope he will find a forever and adored home soon.