Dog Tied Up In Garbage Bag And Left By A River Bed To Rot Is Rescued Just In Time

Every now and then, I come across an animal rescue tale that completely takes my breath away. One such story is Oliviero’s.

Please keep in mind that this article contains some graphic pictures that may be upsetting to some readers.

Two women were wandering in Messina, southern Italy, when they came discovered a garbage bag in the middle of a dry river. They went to investigate after hearing whimpers coming from the bag. What they discovered astounded and terrified them.

The dog was wrapped with electrical wire, placed in a rubbish bag, and discarded near the Terme Vigliatore river.

A dead calf was decaying nearby, adding to the tragedy of the situation.

Linda Li, an animal rescue volunteer, was dispatched to the incident.

She observed that the little puppy was in critical condition.

He was in shock and dehydrated, and his body was covered with ticks and fly larvae.

Linda described the insects as “eating [him] alive.” His rescuers promptly gave him water before loading him into a car and rushing him to the vet.

Oliviero waggled his tail whenever he was given attention because he was overjoyed to be rescued.

Due to an unknown incident, he was paralyzed in his back legs.

Here’s another video of Oliviero resting and enjoying some attention while recuperating.

He has found a loving home with Dominique Mastroianni.

He is ecstatic with his new existence. Oliveira has doggy siblings to play with and enjoys cuddling with his new mom and dad.

Looking at him today, it’s difficult to think he was so close to death.

Oliveira has gone a long way. He actually had a strong desire to measure.

He has a fantastic new family that he loves with all his heart!




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