Formerly Abused Dog Finds Her Way Back To Her Rescuer After Running Away From New Family To Find Him

When he spotted Pepper, she was in bad form, so he brought her in and cared for the brutally beaten canine.

Josh cared for Pepper, nursed her back to health, and paid for her rehabilitation.

Pepper’s narrative, however, had numerous twists and turns before the Labrador retriever/Pointer/Jack Russell Terrier cross became a permanent member of Josh’s family.

Here’s Pepper’s story, as told by Josh from her perspective:

“My name is Pepper, and I was a trash dog that was abandoned at the SPCA as a puppy.”

Ironically, an animal hoarder took me in, abused me, ignored me, and imprisoned me in a storage shed in the 110-degree July heat of Houston, Texas.

I use a rusted pot as my bowl, although I only eat it twice a week. I I was beaten with a choke on my exercise bike while sleeping and learnt to sleep standing up.

“When Josh, my hero, discovered me, I was surrounded by the smaller dead animals that the hoarder had failed to feed.”

The vet informed me that I had mange, 27 lacerations, two sets of worms, fleas, ticks, a damaged limb, was underweight, and that being touched terrified me to death.”

“My new owner patched me up and gave me to a wonderful family.” They lost track of me for a month because I escaped and fled. Every week, an instructor tracked me down at a distant faculty and handed me off at a vet clinic, where I stayed for four days. Josh had remained in touch with the family he had given me to and done his research since I had been microchipped, but with the data still being with the SPCA, they were ready to find me when he phoned.”

“Because the new family claimed it was an accident, he returned me to them.”

They lost me again a month later. I raced 14 miles to the same veterinary facility that my university professor had taken me to for the first time. They recognized me, phoned Josh, and, as I had hoped, HE KEEPED ME!!! Dreams really do come true!!

I’m now a healthy, happy dog that lives with an amazing family. And has a Siberian husky step sister who I adore. An incredible human who loves me rotten, gives me the most basic food on the market, and lives adjacent to a 20-acre dog park.”

Dogs who are rescued always remember the humans who saved them. We are emphasizing the touching story of a dog rescued from a terrible situation and then seen as a priceless relationship.




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