Man Rescues Starving Dog Alone On Remote Island And Brings Him Home

Wesley White was kayaking off the coast of Belize when he came upon an animal at a fishing house on a lonely island. He was surprised to find a malnourished puppy. The dog was skin and bones, yet he was quite sociable. He yelled for help, but no one answered. Wesley had no clue how the dog had wound up on the isolated island, but he knew he had to save it.

Screenshot via YouTube/Dodo

But Wesley was up against a problem. He told the Dodo that he only had 36 hours until he had to depart Belize. He wondered if he’d be able to receive the support he needed in time to save the dog.

Screenshot via YouTube/Dodo

When he returned to the hotel, everyone jumped in to assist, getting cans of dog food and the bartender calling acquaintances to get a vet. Wesley brought Winston, his rescue, to the mainland to see the vet, but he could only remain for a short period.

Screenshot via YouTube/Dodo

Dr. Mia, the veterinarian, remained in touch with Wesley and informed him that Wesley will recover but that he needed to find a foster. He was fortunate to be able to arrange one through the Humane Society of Belize. Melanie, Winston’s foster carer, took him in and kept Wesley posted on his development, showing him growing and becoming stronger over the course of two months. It was finally time for Wesley to board a jet bound for Dallas.

Screenshot via YouTube/Dodo

However, Wesley and Winston’s reconciliation was still a long way off. Wesley had to drive from Montana to Dallas in the middle of January. And Wesley worried if Winston would know him.

In the video below, you can see the touching ending to the story.




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