Bus Driver Helps Two Lost Dogs Get Home And Reunite With Family For Christmas

Jamie Grabowski, a Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) driver, had just concluded her route around midnight last week when she noticed two stray canines wandering alone in the streets. She stopped her bus and called out to them, concerned that they would freeze in the cold or be hit by a car.

“Hey there, you two! Jamie shouts, “You need to go home right now!” “Come on, come on inside!” She then opened the front door and let the dogs to board the bus. She then phoned MCTS dispatchers to inform them of her odd predicament.

Jamie sat with the dogs and played with them until a police officer came. He took them to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, the area’s sole institution that accepts stray dogs.

The dogs had slipped out of their yard and traveled more than four kilometers away from their family home. The family had spent the entire night looking for them. And, thanks to Jamie’s efforts, the dogs were safely restored to their owners in time for Christmas.

“It turns out that the dogs escaped from their family’s yard two and a half kilometers distant from where Jamie found them,” transport authorities noted. “Jamie, an enthusiastic animal lover who jokes about being a ‘dog whisperer,’ said she’s glad she was at the right place at the right time to help the two very wonderful guys.’

This week, the owners of two dogs visited with Jamie to thank her for assisting them in relocating their pets. “MCTS bus driver Jamie Grabowski got to reconnect today with the two dogs she discovered,” the MCTS said on social media. She also met the appreciative family of the pets for the first time!”

Watch the video below to see how this happy holiday story all played out:

It’s a Christmas miracle for two puppies in Milwaukee, and their owners are grateful to Grabowski for her kindness and to get their pets back in time for the holidays.




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