She Hunched Over In Old Doghouse, Her Body Decaying As She Waited For Help

Two ladies were driving down a Bali road when one of them noticed a dog cowering in a little doghouse in front of an abandoned villa. They quickly stopped to check on the dog, and as they drew closer, they noticed how bad she was in. She seemed undernourished and was lost the bulk of her hair owing to scabies, which had caused her skin to become extremely scaly and uncomfortable.

They provided her food and water while being careful not to frighten her and cause her to escape into neighboring traffic. They spent the next hour developing her trust before grabbing her. When they raised the pup up, they were surprised to find her calm. It was as though she realized she was finally protected and that these people were there to assist her.

They took her to the vet, where it was determined that she had scabies as well as an eye infection, which was mercifully simple to cure. They then brought her home to care for her in a safe setting as she healed both physically and psychologically. They chose to name this adorable little daughter Lucy. Lucy’s life before now is a mystery, but one thing is certain: the days and years ahead will be all she deserves and more.

During her recuperation, she experienced numerous “firsts,” such as going to the beach and walking on grass. Lucy emerged from her shell and became sociable and kind. She enjoys hugs and playing with other dogs. Lucy ultimately found her permanent home with a loving couple called Matt and Brianna from Washington, D.C., a month later.

“Given what she’s gone through, I think it’s simply wonderful that she’s so kind, loving, and trusting of us,” Brianna told The Dodo.

Lucy rapidly relaxed into her new home and bonded with her new parents. She is enjoying the high life and is spoilt on a daily basis. Her makeover is just amazing. You can see for yourself in the video below, and you can follow her travels on Instagram by clicking here.





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