Officer breaks down after losing his K9 partner and best friend

Officer falls down after losing his best friend and K9 companion.

Axel, the former K9 canine with the Central Falls Police Department, resigned after five years of service. Even after he ceased serving there to ensure the safety of Central Falls citizens, he was still a well-liked canine in the department, and they were devastated when he died.

The dog was so proficient at his job while working with police officers at the department that he retired after the standard retirement age for K9 officers. According to a post on Friends of Central Falls Animals, he died “because he just had the desire to keep trying.”

“He did an excellent job of keeping the streets safe, and he always made certain that our police were protected, no matter how terrible the scenario.” He would have offered his life without hesitation to save the life of a fellow officer, especially Officer Decristoforo.”

Axel was Officer Decristoforo’s first K9 dog. After a few years, when the K9 was transferred to another city with a new partner. Many questioned if the canine would be happy moving to a new city with a new partner, but he and the officer hit it off straight away.

Officer Decristoforo was devastated when the dog died, as if he had lost his other half.

“They were tremendously blessed in life to have each other, and Axel will continue to look over him,”

– the note stated.

The Facebook post also included a message for Officer Decristoforo that said, “Axel loved you more than he loved himself!” That was the type of dog he was. He was all yours! Baby would have gone to great lengths to help you. He urgently requires your assistance! Maintain your composure and remember that he does not want to see you miserable!

“Axel, I want to thank you for looking over us as you have!” the piece concluded, complimenting this canine for his good work. It was an honor and a joy to meet and work with you. For the rest of my life, you will be my favorite retired officer.




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