He Slithered Down Road Wishing Someone Would Stop & He’d No Longer Be Alone

According to ilovemydogsomuch, a stray dog with a life-threatening injury tried everything he could to survive on his own.

He couldn’t walk stably because he was in so much discomfort from a laceration to his neck. He slithered through a busy street, hoping to be discovered before it was too late. Cars flew by, and no one bothered to slow down. Finally, a woman on her way to work pulled over.

Her heart wrenched as she stepped out of her automobile. The dog was in so much anguish that he thrashed around until he was utterly spent, and then he just lay there waiting for death. The woman was frightened of picking him up and causing him further agony, so she phoned a veterinarian for guidance. The veterinarian advised her to contact a local rescue organization.

The rescue group was delighted to assist the sad puppy and assured the woman that they would there as soon as possible. Until aid arrived, the woman did everything she could to keep traffic away from the dog. When the rescuers arrived, they brought a customized gurney. They gingerly hoisted the dog onto it and loaded it into their truck.

They drove immediately to the veterinarian’s office. The wound on the dog surprised the vet. Because the tissue was necrotic and infected with maggots, he must have been in pain for a long period. The veterinarian and his helper worked hard to clean up the incision and apply a special powder that would kill the maggots. They then started an IV with fluids and pain medicine.

It was time to work on the pup’s wound after he had rested for a while and the special powder had done its job. The vet anesthetized the dog before extracting the dead maggots. He then excised additional necrotic tissue and cleaned up as much infection as he could. He bandaged the wound and let the dog rest.

When the puppy awoke, he was still in agony, but it was much less severe than before! He was disturbed and perplexed. He had no clue what had happened to him, but he was pleased that he was no longer alone. He was relieved to be able to enjoy his first meal in the company of loving individuals.

The brave dog is doing well and will soon be placed in a foster home. He will be offered for adoption after he has recovered entirely. What a wonderful conclusion to a story that might have gone so badly.




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