Dog Who Had His Ears Ripped Off Just Wants To Cuddle And Find A Forever Home!

The Legend’s hearing is fine, but he has no ears and he is covered with scars!

After two dogs brutally attacked the dog, Greenville County Animal Care urgently involved a volunteer who transferred the injured dog to a veterinary clinic.

Animal lover Fran Alexay Rizzo responded to the decision.

Legend was saved after two women on a walk heard a commotion in the house.

They went to see what was going on and saw two Pit Bulls attacking a dog.

They tore it to pieces so animal control was called and therefore the three dogs were taken to Greenville County Animal Care.

When Alexay first saw Legend, he was covered in blood and bite marks.

His left ear had been ripped off and his right ear was hanging off a thread and he had bite marks everywhere his body.

“You could see all the stab wounds from his shoulders forward,” Rizzo told The Greenville News. “A couple of wounds were deep where the blood started when he was moving.”

“The emergency vet wasn’t sure if it would work,” she said. “Nothing was visibly broken. But the trauma to his body from these wounds was really bad. “

But Legend may be a fighter and he managed to get through his first night.

Over the course of a few days, he underwent surgery, received fluid, placed on a feeding tube, and he began to recover !

His wounds swelled a few days later. But he slowly got better and better. Together with his medical bills mounting, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC progressed to assist pay his medical bills. Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the group, said:  “We are delighted with the result and we are glad that he is alive. It’s a wonderful story and it has touched tons of individuals. “

The legend’s hearing is fine, but he has no ears and is covered in scars. But he’s just happy and his tail is constantly waving !

“If you’re judging a book by its cover, you might miss the unbelievable story,” Fran told Legend. “He’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever adopted in my life,” she hisses. “He wants hugs and kisses all the time.”

Fran says she cares to keep the Legend every day because the two are so closely connected. But she knows she still can’t adopt other Greenville County animal care dogs, who desperately need foster parents.

She hopes that more people will intensify and help foster for Greenville County Animal Care because they actually need the assistance .

Meanwhile, Fran and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC decided to look for Legend the simplest possible home for him.




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