Stray Dogs Run To River And Protect Blind Elderly Woman Sleeping On The Banks !

Dogs are known for their loyalty to their owners.

Unlike people, they don’t care about someone’s social position, job and fame before they make friends with them.

Regardless of the history of their people, dogs show unconditional love for their owners.

Ake Srisuwan from Thailand recently posted several touching photos on Facebook.

 Within the banks of a muddy river, 2 dogs were seen to be standing aside from each other , seeming to be guarding something.

From a distance, the individual seemed to be lying on a river in the mud, and that was the person the dogs were watching.

However, Ake could not reveal who that person was or an explanation. He wasn’t even sure if the individual was alive or not.

He decided to move closer to see and was surprised to learn that it was an old woman covered in mud. She seemed to have fallen asleep by the shore. two dogs stood beside her, refusing to leave even when there was a stranger there. They were covered in mud too, but it didn’t seem to bother them in the least.

Ake was worried that the older woman might be injured or sick…

After questioning several people within the area, he knew the old woman was blind and homeless. No matter where she went, she was followed by 2 dogs to guard her.

Some people claimed that the old woman may have been drunk and unknowingly came to the river and ended up sleeping there.

Apparently she didn’t realize that sleeping during this place was too dangerous. As the river was quite dirty and inhabited by unknown sea creatures.

The affection shown by the two stray dogs, and thus the attitude of protecting the owner, made Akea emotional. He was touched by their unconditional gesture. He later sent the lady, and thus the stray dogs, to the hospital for treatment.

Following his post users of the network shared their hope for the old woman, and thus for the dogs. Encouraging the local authorities to take care and supply her, and thus the animals with appropriate shelter.




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